Bearcat Kennels

Welcome to Bearcat Kennels

Here at Bearcat Kennels we are breeding for dogs with nose, toughness, speed, grit, locating ability and brains.

I have been breeding and hunting this strain of dogs since I was in high school and generally know what to expect from any cross before it is ever made. The dogs that I am breeding make good cold nosed start dogs that can move a track fast to get it jumped and then put the pressure on to catch the game once it is jumped. They are aggressive but not suicidal bay dogs and extremely accurate locators that will have the game when they tree.

These dogs have been line bred from Mathes Lion Hound and Mathes/Dale Cole cross dogs, with Ray Nelson bred dogs and some foxhound crossed in over the years and then the  best crossed back into the original strain. They are as tough of hounds as I have ever seen and can be hunted every day without wearing out.


Pups, young started dogs and finished dogs for sale at times.

Western Game Hounds DVD 

We are now accepting Paypal for DVD orders, check it out on our for sale page.  

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